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February 18, 2024

In the robust world of mining, equipment operators are no strangers to the challenges that their rugged environment presents, from dust and extreme temperatures to relentless vibrations and the constant hum of machinery. Amidst these demanding conditions, there is one company committed to providing a sanctuary of comfort and safety—Ulrich Seats. With over three decades of experience, Ulrich Seats stands as a beacon of innovation, expertly crafting seats that serve not only as a functional necessity but also as a testament to their dedication to their customers’ well-being.

The synergy of experience and expertise has enabled Ulrich Seats to understand the intricate requirements of earthmoving equipment in the mining industry, where every element must withstand the unyielding demands of daily operations. This article delves into the exceptional KAB product range as Ulrich Seats is a proud KAB Seating Agent in South Africa.  

KAB 21/T1 – The Mechanical Champion

The KAB 21/T1, meticulously designed for medium back support and fitted with a mechanical suspension that speaks volumes of Ulrich Seats’ attention to detail. Astutely combining reliable technology with comfort, this seat is designed for operators to endure long hours of work without fatigue. The KAB 21/T1’s seat covers come in a selection of vinyl, cloth, canvas, and genuine leather, ensuring aesthetic versatility whilst providing durable protection.

The Seat T1 specifications, with a 590mm height, 490mm width, and 580mm depth, makes it a snug fit for most users. The backrest angle adjustment and a suspension stroke of 50mm accommodate a weight range spanning 50kg to 120kg, ensuring each individual operator’s comfort is at the forefront of its design.

The KAB 21/T1 offers various optional accessories including a heightriser, slide rails, a safety belt, headrest, armrests, turn-table, and a joystick pod to enhance operator ergonomics and safety during operation.

KAB 525 – The Industrial Stalwart

The KAB 525, we witness Ulrich Seats’ commitment to developing a product that emphasises strength while maintaining the company’s hallmark – comfort. Equally fitting as a Medium Back seat and equipped with mechanical suspension, the KAB 525 steps up with heavy-duty double springs, catering to an additional 30kg suspended weight for those heavier than average operators.

The KAB 525’s backrest angle adjustment and fore and aft adjustability, which extends to 200mm, that allows operators to personalise their seating position for optimum control and ease. With a generous 620mm depth and a 100mm suspension stroke, this seat is designed to absorb and counteract the jarring movements typical in earthmoving operations.

The accessories, such as the safety belt, headrest, and armrest anoints the operator with a sense of security and convenience that is unmatched, reinforcing Ulrich Seats’ belief in a seamless integration of functional safety with comfortable design.

KAB 555 – The Pneumatic Powerhouse

Ulrich Seats’ product range includes the KAB 555, an embodiment of their forward-thinking philosophy. Embracing air suspension technology, this Medium Back seat presents a choice for mining operators who seek comfort and durability. The combination of a 125mm stroke air suspension with an integral air compressor available in both 12V and 24V variants marks a new benchmark in seating.

The KAB 555’s resilient build, rendered complete with a 60mm seat height and tilt adjustment feature. This seat is designed to offer a more nuanced control over seating preferences, which significantly contributes to maintaining a stable and focused posture throughout long shifts.

The range of accessories for the KAB 555 mirrors those of its siblings, ensuring that the hallmarks—safety, comfort, and customization—are consistently delivered across every Ulrich Seats offering.

KAB 824 – High back

This seat is a versatile seating solution designed for comfort and adaptability. As a High Back seat, it incorporates a mechanical suspension system tailored to enhance the user’s seating experience. This seat offers a backrest angle adjustment feature that allows users to find their optimal seating position.

Customisation of the seat includes a variety of trims, including the practical ease of vinyl, the warmth of cloth, the robustness of canvas, or the luxury of genuine leather. Additionally, seat covers can be crafted upon request to protect the seat and offer another layer of customization.

The seat’s dimensions provide ample space for comfort, with a height of 720mm, a width of 505mm, and a depth of 620mm. The suspension system built into this seat has a generous stroke of 160mm, supporting a weight range from 50kg to 120kg. It features heavy-duty double springs that can accommodate an extra 30kg of suspended weight. The seat also includes a 60mm height and tilt adjustment alongside a fore and aft slide adjustment of 200mm.

Accessories for the KAB 824 are designed to enhance safety and functionality, including a safety belt, headrest, armrests, a turntable for easy rotation, and a joystick pod for equipment control.

In conclusion, the extensive KAB range demonstrates a versatile and adaptive approach to seating products. With plinths and pedestals of various heights, customization options cater to different preferences and environments. The interchangeability of suspensions with diverse seat combinations ensures  the ability to adapt to changing needs or styles. This system invites a dynamic and interactive experience, blending functionality with a touch of individuality.

Ulrich Seats is a South African Seat manufacturer based in Midrand, South Africa. Ulrich Seats was founded in 1986 and started by building bus bodies. Today Ulrich Seats manufactures a variety of seats and offers customised seating solutions.  Ulrich Seats’s product offering includes Safari Seats, Earthmoving Operator and Driver Seats, Military, Truck, Train and of course, Bus Seats.  Customisation and reupholstery options are available on request.

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